LungFit® PH Receives FDA (PMA) Approval Visit

Harnessing the Power
of Nitric Oxide

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Built on a Legacy of Innovation

Beyond Air is led by a team committed to revolutionizing nitric oxide therapy with the LungFit product family—created by the same inventors who developed the first nitric oxide delivery system and other systems in use worldwide.*

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A paradigm shift for nitric oxide therapy that’s revolutionizing the industry.

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*The inventors of the LungFit Systems are also listed as inventors on the patents for the following nitric oxide delivery systems: INOvent, INOmax DSIR, INOmax DSIR Plus, INOmax DSIR Plus MRI.

Caution: LungFit®PRO and LungFit®GO are investigational devices, limited by federal (or United States) law to investigational use.